About Tricia "Nurse Zirit" Schuster

Hi! Tricia here.

I'm a registered nurse, yoga instructor, somatic facilitator, children's book author (aka "Nurse Zirit"); as well as Channel & Founder of Zirit-Life® Headquarters for Peace. (Zirit means zany-spirit and "zirit-life" is a peaceful, blue-light energy that originally channeled through me on the night of March 2nd, 2011; which also happens to be Dr. Seuss' birthday!) In addition to the 3 mobile offerings mentioned on the homepage header, I've created The Peaceful Start Program, The Peaceful End Program, Zock Therapy, The Zirit Series for World Peace, and Humans Not Anonymous (HNA). Being a palliative care nurse and a yoga instructor for many years, I've developed a deep passion for creating more peace at every age and stage of life; as well as more peace in the world at large. Ping 813.391.PING (7464) for a free 20-minute information call.

XOZ, me. (Program details below.)


Offerings for Individuals and/or Groups:

MINDFUL ENERGY WORK: A technique that uses mindful movement, meditation, and acupressure energy work to activate our natural capacity for self-healing. (Which is different than curing!)

SOMATIC MEDICINE PROCESSING: A process that includes 2 preparation sessions, a sacred medicine journey, and 3 integration sessions to activate deep healing and expand consciousness.

ADVANCE CARE PLANNING: Consultation sessions that include guidance in creating a very specific, personalized plan of care for a peaceful, meaningful death whenever the time comes. It's extremely important to make our wishes known ahead of time in the event we become incapacitated and can no longer make decisions on our own.

THE PEACEFUL START PROGRAM: A 3-step, 3-minute program for elementary schools to start each day from a place of peace. The goal is to have "The Mindfulness Mansion" book and "The Simple 3-Step Program for Peace" poster in every elementary school classroom across the globe. There is a theory that if we taught every school-age child mindfulness, we would have world peace in one generation. Here are the simple steps: Step 1.) Deepen your breath and let the shoulders fall. Step 2.) Pay attention inside your body. Step 3.) Feel the feelings, that's all! (You with you, that's who!)

THE PEACEFUL END PROGRAM: A 3-pronged approach to peaceful, natural dying in the event we can no longer express ourselves. Hence the importance of making our wishes known preemptively: 1.) Comfort foods only. No artificial nutrition, hydration, ventilation, or antibiotics. This allows for the release of natural pain receptors and endorphins throughout the body as it is shutting down. 2.) Sacred medicine option to minimize and manage the fear of death, existential pain, and/or terminal agitation. 3.) Acupressure massage to assist in releasing energy from the physical body throughout the transition process.

ZOCK THERAPY: A meditation technique that uses a tennis ball in a tube sock (aka "THE ZOCK") on the GB20 acupressure points at the base of the skull on either side of the cervical spine. These particular acupressure points are referred to as the "Gateway to Consciousness". They are an information super highway for the central nervous system; as well as the chakra system. When these points are blocked, we feel stress, anxiety, depression, and brain fog. As these points are released, we start to feel more peace, relaxation, creativity, and mental clarity.

THE ZIRIT SERIES FOR WORLD PEACE: A 3-book collection that includes "The Mindfulness Mansion", "Listen to the Plants", and "A Little Book About a Huge Thing." The vision for the book series is to help create more peace on both the individual and collective levels by reconnecting us to ourselves, the natural world, and the infinite, interconnected nature of existence.

HUMANS NOT ANONYMOUS: (HNA) A 6-Step Program to Decrease Suffering in All Humans. One Moment at a Time. Here are the simple (but NOT easy) steps: Step 1.) We acknowledge to ourselves that all humans experience suffering at different times throughout life and to varying degrees of severity. Step 2.) In the case of a group setting, we allow ourselves to share our suffering with other humans and listen mindfully as they share their suffering with us. Step 3.) We courageously develop the capacity to "pay attention" to our suffering by staying present with the feelings and sensations inside the body moment-to-moment. Step 4.) From this simple (but NOT easy) practice of "paying attention" inside the body and joining ourselves in this new and different way, we start to develop a shift in our own consciousness. Step 5.) From this different state of consciousness (sometimes called the "focus-mode"), life can allow the next appropriate thing to take place if it can. This is the self-organizing nature of energy. Step 6.) As a result of these steps, we eventually start to feel less suffering and more peace within ourselves and the world around us. (60-minute meetings include a brief guided meditation, followed by conscious conversation. 3-5 minute shares, being mindful of crosstalk. Sharing is not required, we can attend as mindful listeners and frequency holders.)

zirit (ZIR-it): n."zany-spirit" who is eternally present