About Tricia "Zirit" Schuster

Tricia is a registered nurse, peaceful dying guide, plant medicine advocate, author, channel, and Founder of Zirit-Life's® "Peaceful Dying Program". She has also created the following programs for peaceful living; "The Mindfulness Mansion Program" for kids and "The Mindful Reboot Program" for teens and adults. In addition, Tricia has created THE ZOCK (a simple meditation tool for the GB20 acupressure points), THE ZIRIT SERIES FOR WORLD PEACE (a 3-book collection), and HUMANS NOT ANONYMOUS (HNA): 6 Steps to Decrease Suffering in All Humans.

She has worked with various groups and organizations – including schools, attorneys, bank executives, and hospital staff – helping them to implement daily mindfulness practices. She's been a registered nurse with the Florida Board of Nursing since 1996, and now holds a multistate license. Throughout her employment at Tampa General Hospital she developed multiple hospital-wide programs including the Bereavement Program (2003), the Palliative Care Consultation Team (2005), and the Meaningful Conversations Advance Care Planning Program (2016). She's been a meditation practitioner since 1999 and a registered yoga instructor since 2012. Tricia has done extensive study in the fields of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, hospice/palliative care, and plant/energy medicine. Her teachings are wise and insightful - as well as playful and light - and her mantra for life is "Just stay right here." Ping 813.391.PING to schedule a free 30-minute information call.

A little backstory: On the night of March 2nd, 2011 - which also happens to be Dr. Seuss' birthday - a cobalt blue, energetic entity awakened Tricia out of a sound sleep with the following message channeling through the back of her neck, "Tricia, you're a zirit, a zany-spirit, and you're here to help create world peace through inner peace one mindful moment at a time." Needless to say, it's been channeling through her ever since!

zirit (ZIR-it): n."zany-spirit" who is eternally present