The Story of Zirit-Life

ZIRIT-LIFE® was founded by Tricia "Zirit" Schuster. On the night of March 2nd, 2011 (Dr. Seuss' birthday coincidentally - or not!), she was awakened by a blue energetic entity channeling through the back of her neck with the following message; "Tricia, you're a zirit - a zany+spirit - and you just do what feels right in the present moment. You're here to help create world peace through inner peace one mindful moment at a time." Needless to say, it's been channeling through her ever since!

Tricia is a meditation guide, registered nurse, and plant medicine advocate. She is creator of THE ZOCK (tennis ball in a tube sock used as a meditation tool on the GB20 acupressure points) and THE ZIRIT SERIES (a 3-book collection launching soon). She has worked with various groups and organizations – including schools, attorneys, bank executives, and hospital staff – helping them to implement daily mindfulness and meditation practices. She's been a registered nurse with the Florida Board of Nursing since 1996; specializing in hospice care and is currently a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Throughout her employment at Tampa General Hospital she developed multiple hospital-wide programs including the Bereavement Program (2003), the Palliative Care Consultation Team (2005), and the Meaningful Conversations: Advance Care Planning Program (2016). She's been a meditation practitioner since 1999 and a Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor since 2012. Tricia has done extensive study in the fields of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and plant/energy medicine. Her teachings are wise and insightful - as well as playful and light. Her mantra for life is "NOT PERFECT, JUST PRESENT!". Customized meditation sessions are available via phone from anywhere in the world; as well as in-person for local clients. No experience is necessary. PING us to schedule your free information call. 813.391.PING

zirit (ZIR-it): n. a zany spirit who is eternally present