The Story of Zirit Life

ZIRIT LIFE MEDITATION was founded by Tricia "ZIRIT" Schuster (zirit=zany+spirit). ZIRIT LIFE is a cobalt-blue, energetic entity that channels through her GB20 acupressure points (a.k.a The Gateways to Consciousness) at the base of the skull. And here's a little backstory: Early in the day on March 1st, 2011, Tricia was prompted to practice handstands at her sons' soccer practice, but she didn't do it because she was too embarrassed about what the other parents might think of her. All of a sudden she was completely overtaken by the sadness of holding herself back from doing what felt right in that present moment. Several hours later, in the stillness of the night on March 2nd, 2011 (Dr. Seuss' birthday coincidently; or not) she was awakened by this cobalt-blue entity channeling through the left side of her neck with the following message; "Tricia, if the other parents know you're a zirit - a zany+spirit - they'll know you just do what feels right in the present moment and creates a little more peace in the world. You're here to create world peace through inner peace one mindful moment at a time; because the only way to ever have world peace is for each individual to have a sense of inner peace." And so it is . . .

Tricia is a meditation guide, registered nurse, author, and plant medicine advocate. She is creator of THE ZOCK (tennis ball in a tube sock), ZOCK THERAPY (using THE ZOCK on the GB20 acupressure points for deep healing meditation), and THE ZIRIT SERIES (a 3-book collection launching soon). She has worked with various groups and organizations – including schools, attorneys, bank executives, and hospital staff – helping them to implement daily mindfulness and meditation practices. She's been a registered nurse with the Florida Board of Nursing since 1996; specializing in hospice/palliative nursing and is currently a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Throughout her employment at Tampa General Hospital she developed multiple hospital-wide programs including the Bereavement Program (2003), the Palliative Care Consultation Team (2005), and the Meaningful Conversations: Advance Care Planning Program (2016).

She has been a meditation practitioner since 1999 and a Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor since 2012. Tricia has done extensive study in the fields of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and plant/energy medicine. Her teachings are wise and insightful - as well as playful and light - and her mantra for life is "NOT PERFECT, JUST PRESENT". Zirit Life Meditation consists of conscious conversation, healing meditation, and co-channeling through these incredibly powerful acupressure points. Customized sessions are available via phone from anywhere in the world; as well as in-person for local clients. No experience is necessary. PING us to schedule your free information call. 813.391.PING

zirit (ZIR-it): n. a zany spirit who is eternally present